The fact that Morocco is one of the most popular destinations in Africa is due to its diversity of environments and landscapes. It offers unmissable destinations for all tastes. From the desert to the beach, from the beach to the mountain and from the mountain to the city. That’s why we list 10 must-see destinations in Morocco below.

What cities and towns to visit in Morocco.


Fez stands out for its medina (old walled city) that was declared a World Heritage Site. And it is considered the Moroccan spiritual and cultural capital, was the first to profess the Muslim religion in the country and has one of the oldest universities in Morocco.


Essaouira is a coastal city that stands out for its tranquility and its beautiful beach. It is known by the nickname of the pearl of the Atlantic and is one of the most beautiful destinations in Morocco.


It is one of the Moroccan imperial cities, but perhaps the least popular of all. Meknès stands out for its historical monuments, mosques and its medina full of labyrinthine streets and souks. Definitely one of the must-see destinations in Morocco.

Ksar de Ait Ben Haddou

This is not exactly a city but rather a fortified town made of clay and adobe in the middle of the desert. Ksar is amazing and looks like he’s paralyzed in time, so it’s one of Morocco’s must-see destinations.


Asilah is another of the coastal cities of Morocco. Located on the Atlantic coast, it is characterized by its white houses, extensive beaches and Portuguese influences.


Rabat is another of the imperial cities of Morocco besides being its capital. Like other major Moroccan cities, it has a striking combination of past and present.


This is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco. It has a Mediterranean architecture where blue and white abound. These characteristics make it one of the most visited destinations by artists.


It is one of the iconic cities of Morocco. It offers a variety of attractions such as its markets, mosques, palaces and gardens. But some believe that it is better to enjoy it without any direction.


This city is located in the Atlas Mountains and is notable for its walled gardens. It is not one of the most popular destinations, but it has a particular charm that takes it far from the big cities.

Cascadas de Ouzoud

This is not a city either, but it is one of the Moroccan destinations that should not be missed. Located in the Atlas Mountains, these waterfalls are an earthly paradise that stands out for being so different from the typical landscapes of Morocco.


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