Morocco is one of the most exotic and popular African destinations. It is not for less, it has a diversity of landscapes, climates and contrasts that invite you to discover all its corners and the secrets that are hidden in every corner.

Cities of Morocco that you have to visit if or if

There are different destinations to consider when visiting Morocco. Here we will mention some of the Moroccan cities that will make you fall in love and that stand out for their particular charms.


In addition to being an icon of classical cinema, it is the largest and most populated city in this country.

It is a modern and historical city, besides being one of the main centers of the Moroccan economy. In Casablanca we find some important historical buildings such as the Hassan II Mosque, the Clock Tower and the Mohamed V Square.


This city located in the Moroccan north is one of the most beautiful in the country. It has a medieval appearance and is characterized by its blue houses and narrow streets. The architecture of this city is one of its forts, but it is complemented by the combination of colors and natural landscapes. It has become more popular in recent times, but maintains its essence and its charm.


It is one of the most visited and popular destinations in Morocco. Marrakech is an important cultural center of the country that offers a wide range of possibilities for all the senses. It is the Moroccan city with more markets and souks full of wonders. One of the must-see tourist spots of the city is the Jemaa el Fna square where you will find an endless number of attractions.


Ifrane is perhaps one of the most different cities in Morocco. Having been a French colony has an aesthetic that resembles a Swiss village in the Atlas Mountains, in this case. Ifrane has an architecture reminiscent of European and paradisiacal green spaces.


Tangier is one of the most tourist cities in Morocco. It has breathtaking landscapes and beaches, unmissable bazaars such as the Gran Sokko and infallible tourist spots such as the Dar el-Makzen Palace, the Mendoubia gardens and the Plaza 9 de Abril.


These are some of the most striking and charming cities in the country that are worth knowing. No doubt the photographs and the moments will be for the memory. Are you thinking of traveling to this destination? Ask us HERE  for excursions ( in the main cities of Morocco.