When traveling, many people opt for popular destinations, and sometimes choose exotic places to visit. The truth is that Morocco combines both characteristics, it is an exotic country and one of the most visited African countries. The reasons are several, but then we will cite our selection of 5 reasons to travel to Morocco.

Reasons to Travel to Morocco

For its diversity of landscapes

In Morocco we can find more than desert and cities. It is a coastal country that bathes by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. This gives you a number of beautiful coastal cities with dream beaches. It also has mountainous terrain where we can find cities and breathtaking landscapes. And the Moroccan cities are unique and full of history, some are more popular than others and there are those that stand out for their architecture and color combination.

For its markets and purchases

We are consumerists for a moment, but the big cities of Morocco have some of the most impressive markets (medinas and souks) in the world. In these markets we will find many handcrafted crafts, local products and endless proposals, definitely one of the best reasons to travel to Morocco Bargaining is another of the inevitable in Morocco, is a custom rooted and available in all positions .

For her culture

It is a country with an admirable cultural wealth. From his artistic expressions, where his music and dances stand out, to his unique and characteristic architecture. Morocco offers various cultural proposals, not only artistic, but also folk and traditional. If we want to live their culture even more deeply, we can not miss any of the festivals that take place throughout the year in different cities.

For its gastronomy

Visiting new places always arouses curiosity about the local cuisine. And in Morocco it is not the exception. There are numerous gastronomic proposals, but we can not leave Morocco without tasting its typical tajines, pastries, couscous and mint tea.

On the route of the kasbahs

It has a strong historical content, but they are worth it. It is a tour of fortified citadels made of adobe that can be found throughout the Moroccan south. The stars of this route are the Ksar Ait Ben Haddou(https://psptravel.com/excursiones/zagora-2-dias-desde-125e/) and the Kasbah Taourit. Touring these ancient towns is an unforgettable experience.


There are many more reasons to know Morocco, but we hope that these 5 will spread a bit of that magic that characterizes it and awaken their desire to visit it.


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