Morocco is a destination with a strong cultural legacy. Among its cultural expressions are its songs and dances that combine a variety of rhythms, melodies and choreographies both modern and ancient, very present at events and parties in Morocco. This aspect of culture has a strong hereditary accent, it is a part of its cultural history that is not forgotten.

The main events that mark the country are of a religious nature, followed by seasonal festivals where harvests are celebrated. There is no shortage of purely cultural festivals where their traditions and artistic expressions are the protagonists.

The Culture of Morocco is an issue that you have to keep in mind if you are going to travel to this country.

What are the important festivals in Morocco?

Religious festivals

Morocco is an Islamic country and its festivals are based on the lunar calendar. The main religious celebrations are: the Muslim New Year, the commemoration of the birth of Muhammad and Ramadan.

The Moussems

These celebrations are made to honor a saint. So we can mention as examples the one that takes place in the city of Fez in September to pay tribute to his patron saint. Or mid-May in Las rosas, considered one of the most magical events with various folkloric and recreational activities.


Many of the parties celebrated in Morocco are seasonal and even by the natural resources of each one. Thus, for example, in February the Almond Festival is celebrated in the city of Tafraout. In July the Camel Festival is celebrated in the city of Guelmin. And one of the most important festivals in Morocco is held at the end of July, it is the Throne Festival where the sovereign and the royal family are celebrated throughout the country.

The festivals

The festivals are dedicated to the arts and traditions of Morocco. Some of the most popular festivals in this country are: the Festival of Popular Arts that takes place during June in the city of Marrakech. The one of the Popular music during July in the city of Agadir. And also in Marrakech an International Festival of the film is celebrated during September.


If you are thinking of visiting Morocco, remember to check the calendar of activities since several of these holidays do not have a fixed date. Although, throughout the year and throughout the country, we can find some celebration that will enrich our experience in Morocco. ¡Contact us HERE  ( during the Moroccan festivities.