Cómo llegar a Marruecos

Due to its geographical location it is possible to reach Morocco in different ways. Among the most common ways and means we can mention: airway, land (by car or bus) or by sea. The choice of means to use is based on the needs and budgets of each traveler.

Locating Morocco

Morocco is located north of the African continent and almost touching the south of Europe. It is not difficult to get to Morocco as it borders Spain to the north, but they are separated by the Strait of Gibraltar. To the southwest is Western Sahara, south Mauritania and east, Algeria. In addition, its western coasts are in contact with the Atlantic Ocean, while the northern coasts, with the Mediterranean Sea.

Arrive in Morocco

The means to get to Morocco depends on the budget, the tastes and it is also important to consider the place where the trip is undertaken. Next we will indicate the means to access Morocco.

By plane

This is the most comfortable way for international travel. Morocco has 15 airports in total, both national and international. This allows you to easily travel to Morocco from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The international Moroccan airports are those of Tangier, Marrakech, Casablanca and Fez.

Depending on the place of origin, different offers and possibilities of flights to Morocco can be obtained. This conditions the prices and the scales of the available flights. From different parts of Europe, tickets can be obtained at low cost companies with destinations to Morocco.

By car or bus

You can travel to Morocco from Spain by car or bus, but the Strait of Gibraltar must be crossed by sea. Traveling by car to Morocco from Spain is the most economical option. The car can also embark on ferries going to Tangier and Nador.

If public transport is chosen, the price of the ticket usually includes the ferry trip. This means can have as a disadvantage the delays to arrive to Morocco and the duration of the trip.


From Andalusia you can easily access Morocco by this route. At the same time, some ports, such as Casablanca, receive international visits and excursions by cruise ships.

Arriving in Morocco is possible in many ways. If you are thinking of traveling to this destination you know that you have many options to choose from. We take care of the rest (https://psptravel.com)


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