Morocco is one of the safest destinations on the African continent. It is an exotic and popular country for tourists. In addition to having a friendly and friendly town. Anyway, we must take into account some situations and advice to banish any concerns about security in Morocco.

Caution on the roads

If you decide to travel to Morocco with your car or rent one to move comfortably you should take into account the following: Moroccan road safety leaves much to be desired and infractions are committed all the time. Neither pedestrians nor motorists are handled with care, so circulate with caution. And as far as possible avoid being fined while respecting the speed limit and the traffic lights.

Avoid thefts

It is not something that happens frequently, but you should be careful in large cities and especially in crowded areas such as souks where some take advantage of the crowd to steal the unsuspecting.

It is advised not to move with a lot of money or show it, just in case. Hotels are safe and you can store valuables and even money.

Beware of scams

It is not something that happens only in Morocco, but there is never a lack of rogues who try to take advantage of tourists. Beware of those who offer guides, avoid telling them where we are going because if they are not politely rejected and finally when we reach the destination they will want to charge for the “service”.

In the markets all the prices can be bargained, the Moroccans do not take it badly and it is preferable to make a good business.

Women alone

Women who travel alone tend to attract the attention of the male population. This happens, more than anything, in public places where there is always more masculine than feminine presence. It is not serious, but it can make some women uncomfortable for men to observe them constantly.

Walk at night

In some Moroccan cities it is not advisable to go out at night, in most of them you can not see almost any activity since 22 pm. If you want to walk at night, it is advisable to do so in areas frequented and, where possible, travel by taxi to and from the accommodation. Women alone should not venture out at night.

Morocco is a fairly safe destination in general, but it never hurts to be careful and avoid dangerous situations, like anywhere else in the world.


If you have any questions, you can ask us HERE  more information on this topic and on excursions ( in the main cities of Morocco.