Morocco is a country marked by its traditions and its religion. Culturally it has Arab, Mediterranean and, of course, African influences. Morocco is considered one of the most western countries in Africa, but the cultural differences are still remarkable.

Therefore, if you are considering visiting Morocco it is recommended not to leave curiosity aside, but above all be respectful and tolerant of Moroccan customs and traditions. Keeping in mind these recommendations you will enjoy the Moroccan experience even more.

Moroccan Traditions and Customs

Some of the customs or traditions rooted in Morocco can attract attention or be curious. But that does not take away the dream, each culture is a separate world and part of the charm of knowing new places is to immerse yourself in their customs.


Something very important among the customs of this country is the way to say hello. Always be greeted with the right hand, especially if it is between people of different sex. Kisses are used in greetings between Moroccan men, and between opposite sexes only when they are well known.

Food and drink

As with greetings, when eating in Morocco should be done with the right hand. Before eating you have to wash your hands, as it is not uncommon to eat with your hand and before eating you have to wait for the home owner to finish praying.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in Morocco, it is taken at all times and at any time. Tea is also considered a gesture of hospitality so it should not be rejected, but if it is rejected, it should be educated and explaining the lack of habit, for example.


Moroccan women, like most Muslims, wear veils (for hair or full). It is not necessary for tourists to adopt the same habit, but it is also not appropriate to wear clothes that expose a lot of skin.

Moroccans have a habit of taking off their shoes when they enter a house. The same thing happens when you enter a temple.

In general, Moroccan customs and traditions have a lot to do with their religion as well as their culture. So to adapt well to the country and enjoy the stay, without skipping its rules, it is best to be respectful.


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